Launch Day

It's here! It's been a long road that I've made rockier than it really had to be, but I'm finally launching this site.

This site! It's launched!

What can possibly do justice to this auspicious occasion?

Well, maybe let's start by describing what it is for the fifth time. (Yes, there are four other explanations on this site. It's a genre I'm exploring.)

It's called the Gas Can, for reasons best understood by no one, and the point of it being here is mostly so that I can make things and share them with the world. That sort of makes it a blog. Undoubtedly blogginess will be the path of least resistance.

I got here circuitously: I started out by writing, and then somehow I found myself playing around with programming in Clojure. And when I did that, somehow it turned into this. Where it will go from here, who can say. My track record is spotty, and soon I will be reentering the working world which will no doubt take my attention. But I am nothing if not stubborn.

What sort of things can I find here?

Today? Today you can find a few things:

And there's some other stuff, too.

What if I don't like this?

Well, that's fine, you don't have to.

What if I do?

Then I will never know.